Antepartum Support 

Antepartum Support is $25 per hour.

We have a 4 hour day shift and an 8 hour overnight shift minimum.

This includes both in your home and in the hospital setting.


Labor Support 

Our labor support packages start $900. Price adjustments will be made depending on the number of prenatal and postpartum visits you require above the one each included.

This includes 1 full prenatal visit, 24/7 email and text support from the time you sign the contract and 24/7 phone, text and email support from 36 weeks on and full on support during your labor and delivery. We also include one postpartum visit to check on you and your family. If you hire us past 36 weeks, you will have full 24/7 contact support.


Postpartum Support

Our Postpartum support starts at $35 an hour.

We require a 5 hour minimum for day shift and an 8 hour minimum for overnight shifts. During overnight shifts, our doulas rest when all is settled and you and the baby are sleeping. If you want full awake care during overnight shifts, rates start at $40 an hour.


Placenta Encapsulation

Our placenta service starts at $275.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists will come to you for 2 back to back days in your home to process your placenta and provide you with your placenta pills.


Overnight In-Hospital Support

In-hospital overnight support starts at $25 an hour.

We require an 8 hour minimum.


Lactation Services

A full lactation visit starts at $150 for a 3 hour session.

This includes a full feeding assessment and assistance with any breastfeeding issues/concerns as well as future feeding goals. If the visit lasts more than 3 hours, there is a fee of $30 per additional hour.