Postpartum Support

While the movies may end with the birth scene of the baby, those of us who have either been new moms or worked with new moms, knows that this is only the beginning. During the postpartum period, it can really be an all hands on deck experience.

As your doula, we will be there to help you with light housekeeping, light meal prep and basic everyday tasks as well as helping to take care of the baby and of you. We can set up diaper changing and nursing stations around your home to make those tasks a little easier for you. We will help to make sure you stay well hydrated, nourished and rested.

If you choose overnight support, we are there to grant you that peace of mind that the baby is being well taken care of so you and your partner are able to get some solid sleep. We can bring the baby in to you nurse and then we can change and burp them and settle them back down to sleep. If you choose to formula feed, we can also just feed the baby during these hours so you can focus on your rest. We will also make sure you have a good breakfast before we leave!

As your postpartum doula, we will never judge you. We support breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, formula feeding, combination of both, room sharing, cloth diapering, and so many more. We support your parenting choices- if it works for you- it works for us!

These days are truly precious and only last for so long and we want to make sure that these are the days you can savor and cherish!

**Postpartum packages start at $35 an hour**