Preparing for a new baby can take a lot of work. You have to set up a nursery, pick out a name, create a birth plan…but there is something else to plan - your postpartum period. Your postpartum period doesn't start when you go home, it starts as soon as your baby arrives. It doesn't matter how your little one arrived, it can be an overwhelming experience caring for a brand new baby when you are exhausted and recovering.

Those first few nights, while truly special, can still be daunting. You are learning your baby who has a mind of their own and, chances are, you haven't had a lot of rest. As postpartum doulas, we are excited to help ease this immediate transition. We will come and stay overnight with you in the hospital. We can help you get some rest, help you learn your baby's cues, help with changing diapers, burping the baby and rocking the baby to sleep when you need to get some sleep yourself. We can also help with your initial feeding goals whether it's learning how to breastfeed or properly give a bottle. We'll even bring you that one special meal that you were craving during your pregnancy and weren't allowed to have until now.

This will allow your partner or support person to get some rest at night so they can be fully rested and ready to help you during the day time hours. Even if you are reading this from your hospital bed with a newborn in your arms, give us a call. It is hard to predict what labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period will bring. We strive to be there when you need us most. 

**Prices start at $25 an hour**